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nct dream reaction to you wearing revealing clothes

And if you were eating something, hed tell you how to say what you were eating in Korean, and then in English if he could. Im sooooo freakin impressed with the stage! Urghh. Huge range of colors and sizes. BUT I will do basically anything else (EX: BDSM, DDLB/MDLB/CGL, Ageplay, petplay, omorashi, etc etc. Dont worry Ill be back Im not running away yet you joke around but Kun didnt laugh back. . Im actually kinda offended youd even think that.. He added, making Jaehyun calm down. I'm plus-size and over 6" tall - trolls say I weigh '200 pounds' but I consider that skinny,A PLUS-SIZE woman who is head and shoulders above most of her peers has had enough of people guessing her weight. But decided not to mention his thoughts to you OR Sicheng. do you want my jacket? He asked again, opening his car door for you. Favourite color would have to be either purple or a dark blue I would choose black but its a shade so thats disappointing. Dont you think its too short? You and turning around. DONT WANT MY JAGI GETTING COLD OR PERVERTED ON, PERVERTS!I AM NOT A PER-PERRRRVERRRTTTSSS~, Jisung: He was very shocked himself, staring along with his fellow dreamies. You don't notice his demeanor, as you're quickly applying blush and walking around the apartment. He lifts you up bridal style and lays in bed with you. I like it. Lets talk you scoff, hands crossing over your chest. it doesn't suddenly hit him one day that he fell for you. Hey Felix/Oppa/Hyung.Not right now, please leave so I can work in peace.O-oh, but- Felix looked at you, pissed. You being scared of him to the point of hiding broke his heart to pieces. He didnt want you ever to leave him, the thought of it just killed him. He would immediately stop so he could look you up and down, then slowly look over to his members. then can't stop smiling because you're so beautiful and you're his s/o and he's so lucky. So do not expect me to answer immediately. Want to request? Mark: "Y/n you look really beautiful in my shirt you should wear them more" Originally posted by ldks. Not that he would ever in a million years admit to that. Why arent you asleep? You snap back, eyes finally adjusting to the light. This is Mafia!au so if that makes you uncomfortable please dont interact. He told you how much he missed you, squeezing your cheek. I just felt like getting dressed up and this was the outfit I decided. You stood in the dark living room by yourself, after opting to leave your boyfriend alone with his anger, you finally returned home after almost two hours of wondering the streets. Jin: Jin took one look at your low cut, skin tight dress and his eyes almost popped out of his head. Featured. But if he caught one of the younger dreamies staring, he wouldnt hesitate to lightly smack them upside the head. Main blog is: Wykynct, NCT DREAM reaction to when you wear revealing clothes. Got it? Do you understand now?Good. in fact fell is the wrong word. Then on certain days, he would take his time to help you learn Korean while you help him learn English, so it would be a win-win situation for both of you. Hed go and explain that you should try more layers when you are out so no creeps stare at you, telling you that the world is a scary place sometimes.The world now-a-days, is filled with weirdos who like to try and get with pretty people like you, so please wear more layers. He would scream at you and physically punish you by giving you a few hard spanks. But the minute you saw him, your legs started to shake and you forgot everything.Whats wrong, babygirl/boy? He asked, rubbing your cheek. Johnny: He invited some of the members to your house to hang out, but he almost choked when he saw you come down in only a towel. By bottom/sub, I do not mean just sexual. Hi sorry it took so long!! Not that he would ever in a million years admit to that. But trust me, (S/N) is yours and Y/Ns child.He snickered, realizing how stupid and aggressive he acted for no reason. Jisung ran his hand through your hair in a comforting way.Keep away from my weapons, okay? Promise me. Ten: Originally posted by markhyuks. He pulled you out, looking at you with a stern-disappointed expression. Tell me what you think would be important about whoever you are rping as. If not thank you xx. Im sorry okay., Hiii! You were perfect, and in all reality, he would probably just brag and show you off.Ohh, my (Y/N) is soooo beautiful, Im so lucky to have them! By that, I mean do not message me excessively in a row. Why are you crying, sweetheart?I-I just..I felt bad for him, he was trying his best and I-I Jinnie just sighed, giving you a kiss.Dont feel bad for him. Renjun: "Wow you look better in my shirt than I do" Renjun said looking at you smiling. JEALOUS? Then he saw you, dressed better than he has ever seen you before. Now.But I have this fo-GET THE FUCK OUT NOW! He screamed, slamming his hand on the desk. Then lets get covered up., Kunhang (Hendery): He wouldnt make a huge deal about it, because you probably wouldnt even exit the bedroom looking like that before he stopped you. I-I was scared You admitted, making him shake his head and grip your shoulders, staring into your eyes with a soft look. 10? but every single challenge those groups get they always deliver!! Of course not, I justIm just a little shocked that you are asking me this He sighed, and decided to just apologize. You would lowkey feel embarrassed by him but still be laughing, telling him to calm down as he quickly grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around you.OH MY GOD, NOO! Thai is my first time actually writing a sort of smit like thing for wayv or NCT in that matter. He immediately went over to you and stood infront of you, blocking the view of you from the others, and he took the drinks from . He puts his hand on your thigh. They had the same eyes and even nose. Where the fuck did you go? Out. cant resist pinching your cheeks and making uwu sounds because hOw did you get cuter? If you pick no AU, Changbin or Jisung will stay an idol. BUT your oc/your character has to be 18+ to do romance/sexual roleplay! You knew he would follow, so you allowed him to place his hands on your waist, not letting you go any time soon. He didnt get mad nor annoyed, just a little frustrated because it took him around twenty minutes to find you. Why would I ever do that to you!? Plus you are very ridiculous you had to put that in, your comment made Hongjoong smile a bit before walking towards you. Now lets go play videogames., Jaemin: He would raise an eyebrow with a lowkey smirk on his face. This is also not proof-read. Its hard for me to even vote because when I watch their stages Im like shit now who the hell do I vote for. Johnny: This would be fine with Johnny, considering the fact that he was born in Chicago and his first language is English. So expect that! You nod a bit well change if its out of your zone of comfort but you like it you smile but he drops his. Wait- Nono! You just listened quietly, not wanting to anger him into doing something rash. We are watching a movie, come watch with us! Chenle. But before he could get a word out, you were crying him a river.BabyPlease calm down. He cooed, wiping the tears. Im actually trying to lose some weight. Maybe even jealous, considering that Y/N does hang with him a lot. Do started to take Johnnys words into consideration, realizing that hes actually right and he was just imagining things. 16+ If you want to do platonic roleplay. I like it. So he would communicate with you just fine, actually enjoying talking in English. Jessi Has The Best Response To The Fact PSY Doesn't Like Her Wearing Revealing Clothes . A little too close for his liking, considering the fact that you were basically naked. He would make sure to give his members a small scolding later. You know I would NEVER hurt you purposefully, unless you act bad. Mark enjoyed talking to you and would laugh A LOT with you and English puns. Basically, the little spoon! Im only doing this because I love you. got caught off guard when you started flirting w him a few days later. you guys got your own private room to sing, eat and have fun. When one of your friends messaged you saying she is having a bachelorette party, you were excited. But if he did see one of his members looking at you, he would distract them to make them stop then lead you out of the room.Noo, I just have an important, would you say, mission for you to do Jagiya!! Yah yah, no staring. Hed be a mix of confused and furious.Once he found you hiding in the living room closet, hed probably force you onto the bed and then started yelling at you. What are you doing? You laugh not understanding why. As I realise a lot of my followers dont really like reading mature stuff and I understand that so therefore Ill be moving that type of stuff on to my other blog. 10? You can buy whatever YOU want! -The genre I enjoy doing the most is smut personally! His expression went soft when he heard you cry and he looked at the food.*sigh* Get back here please! Where did you even get that idea?? he looks a lot like you. Yoon bluntly said to Taeil, making the older one snap his head over in confusion. Dont ever feel afraid of me sweetheart.. He found it funny when youd try to hesitantly explain the word to him, not knowing he already knew what it meant. Why does my daughter look so much like you?I mean, I dont know. But he just couldnt. Go downstairs and sit down at the counter, Ill be down in five.. I cannot have them looking at you like that, only infront of me. You can be new to it, Im patient! You dont see ANY resemblance?No, why?No reason.He decided he was just paranoid, labeling himself as stupid. I got Mindblown like every stage! Aissoo, have those guys never seen you before?Its because Im wearing something revealing, baby.Yeah, butHavent they seen clothes like this before? He'd be kind of surprised there are really people like that out there, who would lay their hands upon the person they 'love'. Sometimes he would speak in Korean, or Japanese, just to see that cute confused expression on your face. Hugged you and didnt let you go until at least a half an hour later. NCT Reaction To You Wearing Revealing Clothes Near Their Members. I ONLY do bottom/sub Changbin and bottom/sub Jisung. Jeno, Im not cold. I-IEventually, you started crying and ran to your room, locking the door. BTS Reaction to You Wearing Revealing Clothes. He seemed to only care about himself lately. "Y/N, come on," he responds annoyed. jisung, haechan, jaemin. You manage to pull both sides of the jeans together so that the button and the hole line up. It'd make him sad for obvious reasons There'd be a point where you'd want the old Doyoung back. "Nope. You don't even ask to be invited, but take a seat in his lap wrapping your arms around his neck. Hed probably lock you in his room and not let you leave until two weeks was over. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Nct Dream Reaction to You Coloring Their Tattoos Mark: "You have got to be kidding me." He deadpanned as he saw you walk towards him with a bucket of markers. You easily plunge your legs into the leg holes, pulling up the jeans that slide up your hips and rest at your waist. Interesting and cute. Having enough of being alone in a big house, you decided to go out for the night, let loose at least. kilos more during pandemic. He'd absolutely hate all of that. Always cuddled with you, got you chocolate. "Out with my friends. Lowkey pissed but tried not to show it. He actually wasnt too bad at it, he had a good pronunciation, just didnt know a lot of words or understand some. So you got ready, putting the best clothes you could find and walk down the stairs. Do you think its too short? He ask after a while. NCT DREAM Confirms Comeback With Second Full-Length Repackage Album. This is complete fiction, my imagination. Remember that next time, okay? He felt horrible for even thinking that you were cheating in any way. It was a total accident, breaking Seungmins camera.You knew you had to tell him, so you practiced what to say in the mirror for around an hour. I try to do all of them but it doesn, This blog is 16/18+. Jeno's Reaction: You're One Year Older ; Haechan. He found it adorable.I told you countless of times to stay away from the basement, have I not?Y-yesYou have.. There were the tears again. Which was basically never. Baby I think you should really take my jacket he said again once you two sat with your friends. Yeah, he was a devil in disguise.Babe. I have to scold you once in a while so you know better, you dont need to be upset because of it!Im sorry, I cant h-help it!I know, baby He exhaled loudly, kissing your tears away.He gave you some chocolate and a blanket, sitting you on the couch so you could relax. Where the fuck did you go? Out. he kind of forgets that he actually has absolutely no control over the dreamies, and has a horrible realisation when you prove to be, getting you into the car was one of the hardest things mark swears he has ever had to do, literally, johnny had driven him and it took johnny literally lifted you up and placing you in the back seat, mark then watched as you began to slap his arms and ask him how he knew superman, as confused and worried for you he is, he cant help laughing slightly, cause you just look so cute with your big cheeks and wide eyes while you mutter about your boyfriend being friends with superman, mark literally just wants to get you back to yours but has no idea how youre going to act when you get there, wishes you would fall asleep but you dont, and when you get back you spend the time asking mark to bring superman back and almost crying when mark said no, but he refuses to leave you to someone else for a second because youre his baby and hes going to look after you no matter how difficult you are, gives you all the advice he can think of at once, he just really wants to help you as best he can but probably ends up making you feel a bit overwhelmed by accident, makes sure to compliment you massively after you finished, knows that there must have been loads going through your head and is so proud that you did such a good job, keeps saying how he cant believe youre both finally in the industry together, definitely tries to get a chance to collab with you, is nervous cause he knows that youre both going to be busy, but he still puts aside any time he can just to see you and spend time with you, because he cant think of a better way to spend his time, it takes him a while to realise that its your ex that youre talking to, his mind goes into hyper mode and he starts to overthink all the ways he can react while he tries to figure out how he should, if youre just having a pleasant conversation (and he knows it wasnt that bad of a breakup) i think he will be more on the relaxed side, definitely stands closer to you than normal and makes sure to join in the conversation himself, probably tries to make your ex aware of your current relationship with him in a bit more of a polite way, but if its clear that theres still a bit of unsettled business and you look tense to be around your ex, mark will try immediately to end the conversation as soon as possible to get you away from them, hes too polite to tell them outright to fuck off unless theyre down right rude to you but wont introduce himself and instead will make some excuse for you both to leave, says this while nodding in the opposite direction that your ex was in, makes sure to wrap him arm around your shoulders or intertwine your fingers while the two of you are walking away, literally gets to the point where hes running around asking the other members if they know what he did, until hyuck delicately points it out for him, cause he didnt realise that was who it was, tries to explain this to you when he sees you, but hes out of breath from running around and the 73 heart attacks hes had that day so it comes out like, and lets face it, its mark, you know he would never do that on purpose, and he promises to give you and clothing of his you like, and until then he compensates with cuddles, initially it doesnt quite register in his brain, hes sitting at his desk working on music, and you just put a drink down and kissed his forehead, he just hums and doesnt take his eyes off his work, and you walk out again without realising it yourself, you do when you shut the door behind you and suddenly dont know what to think about his reaction, its when he adds those words into his song that it, but youre literally on your way home like all you did was come visit him, like he needs to tell you he loves you too, it doesnt help that youre practically running away from fear that he found it weird, but when he does find you he literally just pulls you in for the biggest kiss ever, his life probably flashes before his eyes, his mouth opens and closes multiple times like a fish out of water, blushes out of embarrassment any time he thinks about it, and he cant stop thinking about it for the next month, meaning his face is pretty much permanently red, wants to act all fine and cool and unaffected, but he stutters and stammers his way through a few syllables in about three languages even tho he only speaks two, then reappears very quickly cause hes just realised he hasnt checked if youre okay, runs up to you and asks if youre alright, if he can do anything, apologises like his life depends on it and asks constantly how he can make it up to you, just needs a lot of reassurance that a) youre okay and b) that you dont now hate him. Jeno walked behind you, noticing how every second person you walked past stared at you. Like a playoff from your latest mafia wayv?? "and you're the only one i want to kiss" you peck his cheek . Im not cold though just wear it in the car he smiled and you listened not wanting to keep asking, mainly because he was to shy and it was too cute. I REPEAT, NO ONE STARE AT THIS CHILD! The way he would only stare at you with a glare, the way he would only speak to you if he had to. Hiiii no its okay! Of course hed like you dressing like that, just not if its infront of his members. You wouldnt.Y/N! And you know she would NEVER EVER do that, she loves you and only you! Tae convinced. Poets are not obliged to be true, adequately informative, relevant nor clear. Lets see how fast you can do it! Showing: 1-15 of 42. Ill do it when I get the time Ive got a lot to do lately but I will do it!! Nct 127 reaction: you're wearing their clothes. Along with an AU if you want one. -I normally ask a decent amount of questions before roleplaying. So please do not DM this account if you plan on wanting Changbin/Jisung to be the top/dominant one(s)! NCT Dream Reaction: You wearing their shirt, NCT Dream Reaction: You surprising them by speaking their native tongue, NCT Dream Reaction: Dating Yutas younger sister, NCT Dream Reaction: Realising theyre falling in love with you, NCT Dream Reaction: You getting your wisdom teeth removed, NCT Dream Reaction: Their idol crush debuting, NCT Dream Reaction: Their s/os ex approaching them, NCT Dream Reaction: Lending their hoodie to someone you dont like, NCT Dream reaction: You accidentally sayingI love you, NCT Dream Reaction: Accidentally pinning their crush to the ground, it takes him a while to realise that its his shirt youre wearing, so its only a couple of hours into the day where he noticed and did a triple take, but since he hasnt mentioned it throughout the day, you just assumed he didnt think it was a big deal, and now hes staring at you with his mouth hanging slightly open like a fish out of water, he just blinks at you a couple of times, confused as to how he didnt see that it was his shirt you were wearing, and now hes incredibly aware of how good it looks on you, and how he secret hopes you never take it off, this would be one moment where it hits mark like a truck just how much he loves you, i cannot even describe how soft this would make him, he walks straight up to you and pinches your cheeks, no matter what mood he is in or what has happened before, you can always make renjun smile by appearing in his shirt, theres just something about seeing you in his clothes that makes his heart beat faster than before, buys clothes with you in the back of his mind cause he knows whatever he buys you will wear, and gets excited when he sees you in a new shirt compared to one you usually wear, makes a mental note of what your favourite shirts of his are and he brings them with him when youre having a bad day/in need of cuddles, a cuddle session is suddenly not complete without you in one of his shirts/hoodies, is one to tell you not to ask to borrow them and just to take it, hes completely and utterly whipped for you and moments like this make him realise just how much, would not be able to stop himself from grinning like an idiot, literally stops mid sentence just to smile at you in his clothes, his mind had like 20594725 things on it and suddenly all he can think is, tries to find reasons for you to wear his shirt more often, but is not subtle at all, literally anytime you need to wear something he offers. Disgustingly sweet almost. Thank fuck. here. He would keep calm and sit you down, having a stern talk and relisting his rules again. Renjun:i cann. After he found you hiding in the basement, hed then lock you in the basement with only a blanket to lay on instead of straight on the hard, stone floor. Or both if you would like. but you tried to wipe them away. couldn't believe his eyes. But all of them said no. Im actually trying to lose some weight. He would be fine in communicating too, and loved to just have English conversations while chilling in the morning, eating breakfast. He would find it cute and super funny when having Korean lessons with you, doing his typical loud, laugh-clap when youd pronounce something super wrong, especially if you made it sound like a dirty word on accident. M, WAYV reaction when you wear revealing clothes, Requested? you were hanging out with the 00 line, deciding to go on a walk to the pier and have ice cream. he liked the memes you sent so he dmed you. just went w it. Slowly, he removed your panties, revealing how wet you already were for him. He'd hate it when you wear tight shirts that marked the outline of your chest, leaving very little to imagination. Youre too nice and thats bad. Im not playing either.. God, you knowYoure SO disappointing! Well that did raise some questions. Who wouldnt? NCT DREAM reaction to when you wear revealing clothes . Like as soon as you opened your door after getting message him and his members were outside waiting. thank you for requesting. This is mature, if your minor do not interact. Take your time with responding. -You Wearing Revealing Clothes Around Other Members. According to newest products! Now relax. He took Sichengs coat, not caring about the protests, and put it on you, hoping to cover you up a bit. We NEVER did anything, I swear! I also do not roleplay with people who dont put in any effort. ? Taeil also stood up with a look of hurt. By that, I mean he would be the loudest about it and the most dramatic, bringing un-wanted attention from the members. ?, Jeno: He would smile cutely at you, trying to ignore the choice of clothes you picked. Go GO~!, Chittaphon (Ten): He would be teaching the dance to his members, helping them get it right when you walked in. Masterlist So seeing his s/o in his clothes would make him shy asf. May 9th, 2022. This is also mafia au so if that make you uncomfortable do not interact. In this case, though, you haven't yet decided on a new course of action. . Furious. He hesitantly asked you why she looked so much like Tae, confusion building when you started stuttering. The personality traits I used in this do not reflect on any of the members used. Where are you going? He asked, making you widen your eyes. Chenle just smiled and went back to playing some sort of game on his phone. : Yes!! Not really, I meanMaybe the cheeks? I dont see it! He would want you in his sights at all times so he could keep you safe from anything and everything. He could any hybrid [Puppy, squirrel, etc]. Hed go up and give you a kiss, then lead you away from his members gazes. Taeil: When he saw you walk into the practice room with a croptop/tanktop that slightly showed your bra/stomach and short-shorts on, his eyes widened. He realized how wrong he was with even assuming anything. Like everyone had their own style that differs them from one another. He hasnt even said anything yet, was gonna scold you for going into the garden without telling him. It kinda freaked him out, so he decided to tell you. Hah!. He would give out a fake laugh, pulling you back upstairs to pick out new clothes, even with you denying it.Cmon, atleast a t-shirt! conclusiones y recomendaciones de un proyecto de software, mgm music hall fenway opening, why does james caan walk funny,

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